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Best Bay Area Marketing – Online and Offline – Get Googlized

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Best Bay Area Marketing – Online and Offline – Get Googlized

Get Googlized!NEW INTERNET AD TECHNOLOGYSimulates Google Maps, Stars, G plus
So, you missed out on1) GOOGLE MAPS front page positioning,2) 5 Star Reviews and such.Well, it’s not too late. In our effort to stay up on the latest changes  in local advertising  we’ve uncovered a new ‘secret’ technology so   businesses can still get those first page ‘Google Places, ‘ which are essentially Google Maps and 5-star reviews . These  not only make  it easier for customers to find you and believe in your business but legitimize your business –  at least in the eyes of Google.

THE RESULT: Higher Placement in Google Rankings!


In addition, we’ve gotten in on the first wave of

3)  GOOGLE PLUS, another self-serving new product from Google.  After the success of Facebook and Twitter, Google had to have its own Social Pages . Again, they mean higher Google  rankings if you have them.  If  you can’t beat ’em join ’em we say….  Few, if any other local internet ad media consultants know about these new features — and at our prices  we’re proud to be able to offer them in our effort to help businesses stay ahead of the fast-changing advertising curve.


We are currently updating our current advertisers’ internet pages to include all three features.  Other Businesses may also receive these revolutionary ad platforms for a modest fee. For more info call Coupon Country  at (925)284-7168.

First, people will search for you and   THEY WILL  SEE STARS! (as below)   They will be more likely to choose your business over  the majority of other listings, most of which  don’t have   stars. The    ‘google stars’ will also help your Google  ranking as Google’s ‘bots like stars and reviews!Then, when they click on the starred link, as below (EAST BAY CARPET CLEANING)  and your full page listing will appearand, voila – MORE STARS.AND A MAP!And a ‘Google+’ insignia,too!  

Now Google will really reward you in the rankings for all this ‘googlization’!



Best Bay Area Marketing – Online and Offline – Get Googlized