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Best Bay Area Marketing – Online and Offline – Get Googlized

Get Googlized!NEW INTERNET AD TECHNOLOGYSimulates Google Maps, Stars, G plus
So, you missed out on1) GOOGLE MAPS front page positioning,2) 5 Star Reviews and such.Well, it’s not too late. In our effort to stay up on the latest changes¬† in local advertising¬† we’ve uncovered a new ‘secret’ technology so ¬† businesses can still get those first page ‘Google Places, ‘ which are essentially Google Maps and 5-star reviews . These¬† not only make¬† it easier for customers to find you and believe in your business but legitimize your business –¬† at least in the eyes of Google.

THE RESULT: Higher Placement in Google Rankings!


In addition, we’ve gotten in on the first wave of

3)¬† GOOGLE PLUS, another self-serving new product from Google.¬† After the success of Facebook and Twitter, Google had to have its own Social Pages . Again, they mean higher Google¬† rankings if you have them.¬† If¬† you can’t beat ’em join ’em we say….¬† Few, if any other local internet ad media consultants know about these new features — and at our prices¬† we’re proud to be able to offer them in our effort to help businesses stay ahead of the fast-changing advertising curve.


We are currently updating our current advertisers’ internet pages to include all three features.¬† Other Businesses may also receive these revolutionary ad platforms for a modest fee. For more info call Coupon Country¬† at (925)284-7168.

First, people will search for you and¬†¬† THEY WILL¬† SEE STARS! (as below) ¬† They will be more likely to choose your business over¬† the majority of other listings, most of which¬† don’t have ¬† stars. The¬† ¬† ‘google stars’ will also help your Google¬† ranking as Google’s ‘bots like stars and reviews!Then, when they click on the starred link, as below (EAST BAY CARPET CLEANING)¬† and your full page listing will appearand, voila – MORE STARS.AND A MAP!And a ‘Google+’ insignia,too!¬† 

Now Google will really reward you in the rankings for all this ‘googlization’!


Best Bay Area Marketing – Online and Offline – Get Googlized