Spring has sprung along Central Contra Costa Canal Trail near Heather Farms in Walnut Creek

Super Blooms’ Delight Following Heavy Rains In NorCal

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China Camp, San Rafael

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Oldies Country & Bay Area Backroads present….
Remember that cable car bell and fog horn we would hear between songs introduced by the booming yet dulcet tones of the incomparable Bill Moen? In case you missed it here’s a beautiful tribute to the great Bill Moen who WAS top rated KABL radio for many decades in San Francisco and will never Be forgotten . Bill Moen lives on at the online version of KABL , much like it was during the heyday. Experience SF now like it used to be. >>> https://kablradio.com/bill-moen. Tributes from Ron Owen’s, Ben Fong Torres and hear from the man himself in this fourpart tribute

Did you know that music can prevent dementia ? May be no surprise that Bill Moen lived to his last day with a sharp mind at age ninety three years young. According to a recent major study, Learn more below how music prevents dementia

Sad story how, Much like in politics, those in the entertainment industry can negatively affect a person’s career like that of LOLA FALANA, who appeared to do nothing to deserve it. https://youtu.be/z5-UjOLlR6U

Can You Conquer This ’60s TV Show Quiz? – we actually missed three out of many
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Oakland Loses A’s, Last of 3 Major League Sports – Reggie Blasts City, Kostas says Ownership also At Fault

Oakland Athletics home run king in nineteen seventies was Reggie Jackson– here signing autograph for a fan

Oakland Loses A’s, Last of 3 Major League Sports – Reggie Blasts City, Kostas says Ownership also At Fault

Good old days circa 1968-1975 when As were new to town – and winning despite curmudgeonly and cheapskate owner Charlie Finley with the mule mascot. Here the colorful.owner is trotting out one of his fabled promotions, ‘bald head day’ where people with bald heads would get in FREE. Funny how you have an owner today with money and the As are losing all the way around
Senior Country and Oldies Country presenta we…

MUSIC PREVENTS DEMENTIA says New Study -Don’t play an instrument? No problem! Even listening to music prevents dementia ⚠️ 👂 🎺 🎵

As noted above, Bill Moen of KABL radio fame lived to a ripe 93 with a sharp mind and a keen wit. Perhaps playing and listening to the Greatest hits every day didn’t hurt. You can too!

News and notes not normally found in mainstream media
Days after a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020, Sec. of State Antony Blinken, then a Biden campaign adviser, reached out to a former CIA director Michael Morell, according to Morell, himself, “set in motion the events that led” to a statement from intelligence officials say House Republicans.
Believe it or Not: First Family circa 2023

Trump’s latest answer to Biden

From (black) Presidential candidate Larry Elder and echoed by Bill Maher on ‘Politically Correct’ last week

Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat


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