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CELEBRITY ISSUE! Well, Gang, I ‘m up to 10 lbs on the Keto diet! (and that includes after putting back five pounds, so you could say I’ve lost 15, Ha! .) I only bring that up because we’re featuring, among other great ‘CELEBRITY’ offers one of the latest Keto programs favored up here in Hollywood Hills – and down below by people like my good friends Melissa McCarthy and Maria Carey (just to namedrop a couple). Seriously, this KETO is THE diet of diets!

HAVE FUN with these Unusual offers- JB&JC

Hey, how’s about comparing your IQ with Einstein and other celebrities? Have a little fun but don’t get too depressed – you might surprise yourself. (see BRAINER, above). Then, we’ve got a way to watch your FAVE MOVIES FREE! aND, there’s a great dog rescue program charity for you pet lovers (like me) – sending our donation out in honor of our dear doggie, Hershey, you may have read about elsewhere in past pages. He was (and still is-in our hearts) a WONDER dog to whom we just had to say so-long for now (but not good-bye) – He lives on at

FITNEY is a new kind of workout adapted to your body and lifestyle for those who like to exercise (I’m not one of them). Get a free trial right below, You’ve heard of CBD no, Martha, you won’t get high with this- and this one is PURE and POWERFUL for relieving and PAIN and chronic aches, anxiety and sleepless nights! Then, we have a new ‘ROOTINE’ VITAMIN adapted to you and how’s about ‘GENBRAIN’ – a mental enhancer supplement that might make you a genius! (after you fail lthe IQ test). So, we’ve got some fun, different kind of offers here in this issue. Have Fun while U Sav


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Genbrain is a revolutionary brain supplement formulated to give you ultimate brain power. Known in Scientific Terms as a ā€œNOOTROPICā€ or ā€œGENIUS PILLā€ Genbrain improves mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, concentration and therefore happiness and success. You will be limitless!

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