For Oakland, Mayor Quan It’s Same ‘Ol Same ‘Ol

Nov 25, 2010 by

OAKLAND scene – same ‘ol same ‘ol


Who is Jean Quan, the newly elected mayor of Oakland?

In an election that featured a number of less than well-known or touted
individuals, Quan is just another of the ‘good old boys, or girls’ network.

A long-time ‘hanger on.’ Quan has been ever-present in Oakland politics.
If guilt by association is valid she’s guilty. First known for her position on
the Oakland School Board, Quan may have been the only member who wasn’t directly
fingered or indicted in such crimes and accusations as embezzlement, giving favored employment
to family members, etc.  but she was there for years and didn’t say a thing.
This was the same board that was terminated from running the Oakland Schools, having
been taken over in the early 2000s by the State.
As a Oakland city council member, she could be scene protesting with
the rioters  against her own police force following the first Meserle-Grant   trial earlier this year.
In her terms as school board member and city council member nothing seems to stand
out other than her associations with corrupt boards She certainly learned the ropes.
During her tenure, Oakland has been one of the most corrupt city covernments in the US,
with a budget so bad the city had to close down several days a month.
Now, even before taking over the Mayoral position, Quan has gotten into trouble,
most recently having her car ‘booted’ for a stack of unpaid parking tickets.
Her excuse was that she was busy running for mayor and thought her husband paid the tickets.


– Hanging On But How Long Can It with Current ‘Leaders?’

It’s actually quite amusing to see a once thriving city go down, down, down
due in part to political correctness. Oakland’s populace is largely left-leaning
and has voted in many unqualified people who have run things into the ground.
Let’s see… going backwards it’s been Dellums, Brown, Elihu Harris and on and on…
Not one has been missed by scandal, though Brown at least seemed to make an effort.
Dellums, who is rarely scene around city hall, is in the midst of a tax evasion suit
and most everyone in Oakland will tell you he has hardly done anything as mayor..
Harris  has been oft the subject of  controversy, most recently for allegedly taking
funds in his position as head of the Peralta School District. Before that it was purported
collusion in Oakland property deals like his purchase of KDIA radio with Willie Brown.
Before Harris, there was Lionel Wilson, a seeminly nice guy , but even he was found
to be caught up in the Oakland shenanigans…
One has to go back to the 50s and early 60s when Oakland was well run with a solid city government
and school system. I went to school in Oakland then but I would never  want to go to school in Oakland
now. I stuck it out in Oakland for many years but I had to finally move out. It’s still a beautiful city on the outsight, with some
good business people still trying, but it’s pretty difficult with
people currently running   the insane asylum. The way its been going now
for 50 years I don’t seen any hope on the horizon.

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