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We have 11 new offers at . The deals below have already tipped so the BUY is ON and these deals are available for purchase. Remember, the great deals around SAN FRANCISCO, OAKLAND – EAST  BAY  Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles are good for 7 more days so go for it!!

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DAILY DEAL SITES – Coupons Are Cool Again!
There’s a reason you’re seeing all these new coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social, Buy With Me, Deal On, etc and now Youpon, which combines the best of  daily deal

Coupons Work! We recently witnessed Google try to
buy Groupon for five million dollars and Groupon able to spend several million dollars on a Super Bowl advertisement.

Coupons not only save the consumer good money but bring businesses new customers who probably wouldn’t have come to them without a coupon, especially during  these recessionary times. So, a business  gives away a little in discounts the first time, but gains  a new customer(s) and makes  a lot more in the long run. Customers are happy and return to that business more often. The business makes more money and the economy improves, too! Coupons are a great way for a business to attract new customers and remind older ones and for consumers to save ! 

YOUPON is the new premier DAILY DEAL group buying website,
featuring  not one but the BEST OF THE BEST Daily Deal Sites – GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL, BUY WITH ME, etc – that connect  shoppers with the best deals and offers from leading local merchants. Through the power of group buying, customers have access to limited time sales and specials for spas, restaurants, health clubs, bars and other local activities in their city!  Currently connecting shoppers with fantastic deals in San Francisco New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Diego and all major cities and beyond.
YOUPON has now combined the BEST DAILY DEAL SITES in one convenient location, so the consumer can get basically every available daily deal there - not to mention their extensive list of  related, linked sites –more  specialized coupon and resources. SEE LINK PAGE at!  One misnomer is that people think there’s only one deal a day, but there are many! There’s a new deal a day in every city but many of the deals last more than one day.
Internet advertising like Youpon is quickly replacing the tired Yellow Pages and newspaper print media. It was recently rated as the No. 1 Ad medium, replacing the Phone book and newspaper . Call 1-888-4-A-COUPON (1-888-422-6876) to learn more about this cost effective advertising for a new generation, which generally will  put you  on Google 1st page with our unique program.

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