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Thanks, New York Times and Carl Steward of the Bay Area News Group for reporting on the ‘politically incorrect’ ( at least in San Francisco) story of Giants’ JoseGuillen and steroid use. Again, Giants management turned a blind eye to the known reports of his past steroid use in 2002 and 2005 , including being part of the Mitchell Report.

I guess it’s just a part of the Giants ‘Win At Any Cost’ philosophy. Especially after its history of having the most ‘roided players (per the Mitchell report) and the Kingpin himself, Barry Bonds – who threw out the first pitch in the World Series opener (and remains a hero among Giants fans . (Would it not be unbelievable if he became hitting coach? Maybe not so unbelievable for the Giants.)

The BIG thing here is that , once again, three years after steroids were perportedly out of the game, they’re back and could well be influencing results. Guillen had a number of key games in September with the Giants, incluiing a couple game-winning hits. This alone could have made the difference between the Giants getting into the playoffs and World Series, at the expense of the Padres, who were only out by two games.

For GM Sabean to get angry when a reporter brought up the subject of Guillen and steroids and for Giants president Baer to do his standard ‘ it’s baseball’s issue’ after well knowing of Guillen’s past steroid history, before acquiring him in August one just has to shake his or her head. San Francisco is one of the most tolerant and progressive cities but I don’t see the Giants as progressive. They’re continuing to hurt baseball 10 years later – and if they win the whole enchilada it will be a travesty. . Hello Bud Selig. Where are you? You’re telling us you’re happy with the 25% dip on viewership of this year’s world series.

Another interesting thing, during this renwed talk of steroids on the Giants, one of Bond’s Merry Men from the mid 2000s , visiting ATT over the weekend to watch the Giants, tells u that , yes, he was using steroids then. But we’re hardly surprised.


Who knows how many other Giants players may still be using roids in 2010. I really was about to give some Giants some credit for winning this thing NATURALLY, but now , with this report, it brings back those old suspicions again. Not to cast aspersions but you look at certain members of the Giants motley crew doing things they’ve never done before, like Jose Uribe hitting more homers (26) than he’s ever hit – at age 32 – and in San Francisco’s spacious , cold ballpark. Being friendly with Guillen. You gotta wonder. Or , turn a blind eye, like Giants ‘Baer, Sabean and company

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NEXT: Yet another big name steroid user on Giants?

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