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GOOGLE ADVERTISING – How to Advertise on Internet, Advertising Programs

GOOGLE FIRST PAGE RANKING GUARANTEED only $25 / Month or you Don’t Pay – Kaufman Advertising, KAUFMAN ADVERTISING 1-888-422-6876 GOOGLE FIRST PAGE RANKING GUARANTEED Or You Don’t Pay!!! And then, it’s only $25 a month for a coupon min-website once you’re satisfied! Months of studying the new science of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) has been paying off and we will share our secrets with you! Simply fill out form at  info OR email [email protected] with your basic coupon/website info to get started. See you on Google First Page in 24 hours!   NEW ONLINE MARKETING Replacing Print Media NEWSPAPERS ARE OUT! It may be sad to some of us who’ve been around awhile to see it happening, but the reality is that print advertising is fading away like the dodo bird while internet advertising is coming on strong. Ad-ology surveys (10-08) find internet advertising increasing at a 10-to-1 rate over print.   When’s the last time you picked up a phone book to look up a number? If you’re under 40 it may have been a long time or never. Even for those of us over 40 with a computer in front of us, it seems that Google or Yahoo Searches are the only way now…  Meanwhile, it’s hard to watch newspapers become thinner and thinner while laying off workers. But this is reality.  Even book sales are slowing with the advent of the Kindle and e-Readers.   The Good News is that online marketing is MUCH CHEAPER than the traditional phone book and newspaper advertising. For example, one can have an optimized website for as low as $25 a month at   Meanwhile, direct mail advertising is still strong and affordable with marriage mailings like Coupon Country. Kaufman advertising is now offering these two top-rate marketing strategies in one very affordable package. SEE BELOW! More Google Advertising and more advertising 94611,94610,94602,94619,94618,94704,94705,94706,94707,94708,94709, 948054806,94564,94702,94703,94710,94612,94608,94501,94502,94577,94578, 94595,94563,94553,94523,94507,94520

GOOGLE ADVERTISING – How to Advertise on Internet, Advertising Programs


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Many businesses have great websites. They pay upwards of $5,000 or more for flashy websites, with ‘flash’ and video and all the bells and whistles. however , often these websites are never optimized. One can have the greatest website , but if a website is not ‘optimized’ there will be little or no new traffic coming to the site. Whether you build your own website or use a ‘professional’ website builder , It’s not uncommon for the optimization process to be overlooked and this is a BIG MISTAKE. It can often be the difference between a successful business or one that goes OUT OF BUSINESS.   KAUFMAN ADVERTISING 1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-422-6876) (925)284-7168




1)  WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION determines whether the actual

website itself is smoothly functioning; It must have the right balance of content – words, pictures, flash and video – so that pages load quickly and smoothly. How often have you become frustrated waiting for a website to open, so much so that we often leave the website, a potential customer lost to that malfunctioning website. There are other key elements of simple optimization, such as determining the right type of website or blog for one’s business, the size, target market , etc.


2)  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – As important as is website optimization, ‘SEO,’ as its known In the tech business, IS ever so critical. As much as a company puts into building its website, it should spend a lot more on SEO, as this is the key to bringing new potential customers to one’s website via the search engines, thus Search Engine Optimation. The goal is for a business to be found as high up as possible on Google and other Search Engine pages when people look for particular businesses, product s or services, using key search terms, or keywords.

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There is so much that goes into the process of Search Engine Optimization, from determining the best , matching search terms (keywords); this alone can be a daunting task, determining whether one wants to buck potential heavy competition with general words, or go for less – competetive’nice’ keywords or phrases.

KAUFMAN ADVERTISING 1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-422-6876) (925)284-7168

Then there are other elements to SEO, including the ever –important ‘backlinks,’ getting large numbers of related websites and directories to ‘link back’ to one’s site. Social marketing has become very big in SEO, vying with email as a way of directly reaching out as an aggressive form of marketing, rather than a passive one.


Of course, basic SEO musn’t be overlooked, the use of Search-engine friendly ‘meta-tags’ including the ever-important headline, description, and, again, keywords. The latter dovetails with simple website optimization , the number and length of keywords and phrases, the requisite photos and videos for which Google ‘bots’ and other ‘spiders’ crawl .


SEO is an ongoing and time-consuming activity, can be costly but necessary. For example, backlinking must be a slow and steady process, as search engines don’t want to see a sudden influx of links and then nothing. Automated SEO IS being done now, but there is some question how effective it is; Google and other sophisticated ‘spiders’ look for organic, natural, manual backlinking. If one gets by with automated SEO it could be only a matter of time before the SEARCH ENGINES figure out the new ways people will try to beat the competition and save time with ‘cutting edge ’ SEO, or so one may believe until they get ‘shut down’ by the search engines, which can happen.


Then there is ‘pay per click’ marketing, most popularized by Google ‘Adwords. This can get expensive and a good way to lose a chunk of money unless one really knows what they’re doing.


Coupon Country has been a leading cost-effective ‘marriage mail’ marketing firm and has spent the past couple years learning ‘the ropes’ of SEO as print advertising transitions to internet; Internet marketing is now the No. 1, most popular advertising medium for both businesses and consumers, followed by direct mail, and Coupon Country features both media in a ‘2-in-1 Top-rated Marketing’ package , as it bills itself. While most SEO firms charge upwards of $500-$2,000 per month to optimize a website, Coupon

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KAUFMAN ADVERTISING 1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-422-6876) (925)284-7168

Country offers a unique program , where it will either link your existing website to an optimized ‘landing page’ on one of its master sites, or build a cost-effective, optimized ‘mini’website for you, for a fraction of the cost others charge. Remember, it’s the SEO that is most important.



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BEST ONLINE MARKETING and Coupon Country would rather save one money on the website and do a bang-up SEO job than vice versa. For as little as $50 a month, Coupon Country generally achieves 1st Page Google Ranking for most of its clients for popular search terms, via its key, master discount-oriented websites. Now that expensive print advertising-including competitive Phone Directory Advertising and newspaper adveretsing- have dropped off significantly in effectiveness and popularity , Businesses can actually reduce their advertising budgets now and get better results with effective SEO-website marketing Best Online and COUPON COUNTRY offer a FREE DEMO to show you how it can bring your website to the fore, usually within a couple weeks. Visit these sites and/or Call 1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-429-9327) for more info . But, whatever you do, be sure to include SEO in your marketing plans.

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No joke – We’re students of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and would like to show you how we can get you on Page 1 of Google for specific keywords. Try us out and see! It’s only $25 a month for three month trial!

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Find and share  Google  coupon codes and promo codes for BEST PAGE RANK . Get the best ONLINE ADVERTISING  at  and  KAUFMAN ADVERTISING - 1-888-4-A-COUPON 1-888-422-6876 GOOGLE FIRST PAGE RANKING GUARANTEED Or You Don’t Pay!!!   And then, it’s only $25 a month for a coupon min-website once you’re satisfied! Months of studying the new science of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) has been paying off and we will share our secrets with you!  Simply click this link and  fill out info OR  email [email protected] with your basic coupon/website info to get started. See you on Googe First Page in 24  hours  OR  Call us for more information 1-888-422-6876

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Bay Area Coupons . info
Business Owners: Don’t Miss the Boat!
It appears we’re really coming into the internet age of advertising… at least at Coupon Country’s and , now, its new affiliate,….
‘ Response is starting to pour in off the internet coupons. Suddenly, people are printing out the online coupons from and bringing them in.. along with the usual great response from the Coupon Country mailed coupon books.’
– Tina, AZ Cleaners, Oakland
”Thanks for keeping me up on the internet . I’m getting almost as many responses  as from the mailed coupons. Not that the mailed ones aren’t doing well, just that the Yellow Pages Internet coupons are really coming in now. ‘
– Farhan, Ace Smog Check, Berkeley
These are just two of many who have expressed new-found satisfaction for another recession stimulant, to go along with the Coupon Country mailers. This corroborates recent survey results (Ad-ology) that Internet Advertising (#1) and Direct Mail (#2) are the two leading ad media of 2009 – and we’ve got them both right here for you – and at much lower rates than one used to pay for formerly top-rated Yellow Book , newspaper and radio/TV advertising
Internet research shows that it takes about 20 impressions , or web visits, for every one redeemed coupon. It seems that this has been the pattern with We’ve monitored the increasing web traffic for YellowPagesCoupons via Google Analytics and, with a little supportive marketing and repetition, YellowPagesCoupons is now doing its thing.
In our web research we’re finding that Two Is Better Than One. That is, two or more websites will bring in more response than a single one. There are certain limitations, including competing ads, categories and keywords, using one website. So, we’ve come up with a second supportive website for Coupon Country in http://www.BayAreaCoupons. info
Unlike, is exclusively Bay Area local.
One will have a lower ‘bounce’ rate here as people coming to the site will ALL be coming for Bay Area coupons, rather than some for National shopping . Not to say that hasn’t benefited local advertisers by converting some ‘national shoppers’ who may reside in the Bay Area, but nobody will have to turn away when coming to Bay Area Coupons.
Special Feature: Bay Area Coupons will feature an Advertiser or Advertisers of the Month.
This will amount to a full blown site spread with a ‘FEATURED’ link at the top of the home page, as you can see in the sample header, above. Advertisers of the Month will be determined somewhat randomly by us – based largely on loyal advertisers who have been faithful – if you know what we mean – during these recessionary time. We haven’t had it easy here, either, what with huge postal and printing bills due in advance of mailings! This is one way of rewarding those advertisers. If we don’t get to you right away as a ‘Featured’ performer, as it were, we will. (Feel free to petition us and we will, more than likely, get you up there, with added copy, shortly. (You can email us additional pictures and info for this.)
To be featured, advertisers must be regular Coupon Country advertsers , though one can sign up for ‘website only’ at our special low introductory rates. Call or write for more info