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MONEY BALL A JOKE – Giants Sink to their Reality, A’s Fans Suffer Ownership – MONEY BALL

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MONEY BALL A JOKE – Giants Sink to their Reality,   A’s Fans Suffer Ownership – MONEY BALL

The Giants are now seeing the spoils of their success last
year when they won  the World Series.
They say any team can win in short series, as the Giants did last year-in all the
playoffs.The bunch of previously castoff veterans mysteriously came to life last           year in September about the time when accused steroid user,Jose Guillen joined the team.Another convicted drug user , Guermo Moto was already on the team.
Every would-be ‘washed-up’ veteran played way above their heads

Interesting the Giants just brought back to other drug users, or at least one             admitted one,Marvin Bernard, along wtih jsaon Schmidt the weekend of August 27 .          Interestinghow the Giants could care less of their reputation as being , by far,                theteam having had the most convicted or alleged drug users…

So, put it all todgether…

This year Guillen is gone. But most of the others are still with the Giants,             broken odownor insured. Think about it…

GM Brian Sabean was known for his poor trades – Zito, Rowand, etc – until he
started going after players no other teams wanted. Coincidense that all these
players whose better years were behind them suddenly all came to life at the
same time in September, after the addition of Guillen and his mail deliveries?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Bay,the A’s have perhaps better hitters than
the Giants but  GM Billy Beane continues to shuffle s bodies…
not that it seems to improve the play of the team. It took a fan revolt
to get rid of his friend, manager Bob Geren after four years of losing.
Beane seems to have a talent for qcquiring some good players, short term, but
only after giving away guys who seem to improve once they leave the As .

Seems like Beane didn’t really care much about winning anymore. He’s had his
first four losing seasons these past years since A’s ownership -including Beane-
has been very vocal about wanting to move the team. And, now , in a recent
statement, Beane actually admitted the A’s are just ‘treading water’ until they
can get their new stadium, preferably in San Jose or anywhere but Oakland.
Any surprise Oakland’s fan base continues to dwindle with ownership that
doesn’t seem to care?

With the many  Giants trades gone bad, new  team figure-head , who was instrumental in the world series wins, Bill Newkom , is let go.  Obvious scapegoat – and in the midst of the season. Why coul;dn’t Mseseurs Baer  and co. wait a nother couple weeks for the season to end.?

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 MONEY BALL A JOKE – Giants Sink to their Reality,   A’s Fans Suffer Ownership – MONEY BALL