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NEW ONLINE MARKETING Replacing Print Media


It may be sad to some of us who’ve been around awhile to see it happening, but the reality is that print advertising is fading away like the dodo bird while internet advertising is coming on strong. Ad-ology surveys (10-08) find internet advertising increasing at a 10-to-1 rate over print.

When’s the last time you picked up a phone book to look up a number? If you’re under 40 it may have been a long time or never. Even for those of us over 40 with a computer in front of us, it seems that Google or Yahoo Searches are the only way now…  Meanwhile, it’s hard to watch newspapers become thinner and thinner while laying off workers. But this is reality.  Even book sales are slowing with the advent of the Kindle and e-Readers.

The Good News is that online marketing is MUCH CHEAPER than the traditional phone book and newspaper advertising. For example, one can have an optimized website for as low as $25 a month at   Meanwhile, direct mail advertising is still strong and affordable with marriage mailings like Coupon Country. Kaufman advertising is now offering these two top-rate marketing strategies in one very affordable package.


1-888-4-A-COUPON  1-888-422-6876   (925)284-7168

Online Advertising,Local   Advertising, Internet Advertisement, Advertising Design, Google Maps Advertising, Retail Advertising, Youtube Advertising

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KAUFMAN ADVERTISING 1-888-422-6876 GOOGLE FIRST PAGE RANKING GUARANTEED Or You Don’t Pay!!! And then, it’s only $25 a month for a coupon min-website once you’re satisfied! Months of studying the new science of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) has been paying off and we will share our secrets with you! Simply fill out form at info OR email [email protected] with your basic coupon/website info to get started. See you on Google First Page in 24 hours!

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online advertising, Google  Advertising, Retail Advertising,Local   Advertising, Internet Advertisement, Advertising Design,   Youtube Advertising

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BAY AREA MARKETING – Top-rated Direct Mail and Web Coupon Package

NEWSPAPERS ARE OUT! Reserve Space Now: Coupons with Direct Mail plus Internet- HIGHEST-RATED AD MEDIA FOR 2009 at ONE LOW-COST PLACE!

Instant On-Line 2-in-1 Direct Mail plus Internet Coupon Advertising Special Package (NOT a Binding Agreement)

Heres what you get: – Top 2 MOST POPULAR, EFFECTIVE Advertising Media for Small Business (Adology – ) 1.) Full Service- Full Page Coupon MAILING including everything: Quality Design, Printing and Postage to 10,000 addresses of choosing plus color and gloss cover placement (as available) – This is 1/10 the cost of a solo mailing or 1st class letter for postage alone . 2.) FREE Coupon Website with printable coupon, highly optimized on popular coupon sites, AND (Over half of our clients show up on first page of Google!). If you don’t already have a website, you will now; if you do have a website we will link this with yours for maximum results. (This feature alone is a $500+ value) 3.) Your Business LOGO on front cover of coupon book mailer. Continued….


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Bay Area Advertising Promo Codes for Great Marketing at Yellow Pages Coupons

Find and share Advertising Promotional Codes  for Great Marketing at YELLOW PAGES  Online COUPONS and COUPON COUNTRY Direct Mail Advertising was rated No. 2 and Online Coupon Advertising BEST Advertising  Medium for Small Business and Consumers (Ad-ology).  COUPON COUNTRY Direct Mail designs, prints, pays postage  and mails your full color coupon flyer in its attractive booklet for only pennies per address. By combining 10-15 non-competing businesses in a single mailing, it saves you significantly on postage, roughly one-tenth the cost of doing your own mailing with none of the hastles. Choose your target mailing area from the  handy schedule of weekly mailings at  Eastbay, Oakland

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YELLOW PAGES COUPONS, its  sister company is the TOP RATED form of advertising, ONLINE ADVERTISING.  For only $25 /month you get an actual mini-website with  coupon that is easily searched, clicked and printed by consumers. See for yourself if this isn’t the latest and greatest in state-of-the-art advertising at  And its FREE when you do a mailing with COUPON COUNTRY!  Your website is optimized instantly to appear , usually, on front  page of search engines including Google and Yahoo, per your business categories. Get a FREE DEMO and see your website place high in search engines TODAY – before you pay a dime!    You will be amzed and delighted   AND will surely want to sign up immediately  seeing the results, and , for some reason if you don’t , that’s fine too!  NO OBLIGATION.

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It’s simple! You can sign up in minutes for   COUPON COUNTRY and/or YELLOW PAGES COUPONS  using the easy on-line agreement at respective websites(click on above images or below links), or call us and do it by phone/fax: 1-888-4-A-COUPON (1-888-422 6876) SEE RESULTS INSTANTLY!!!

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The man who stopped advertising to save money is like …

The man who stopped advertising to save money is like the
man who stopped the clock to save time.  www.YellowPagesCoupons.netNo. 1 rated , online advertising. 

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