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SUSHI COUPON – Andy’s Back in Walnut Creek – 15% Off


Yelp 5 star rated
Russell W.


Andy, owner and sushi chef, bought this restaurant from another Sushi restaurant about 9 months ago +/-. The old sushi place – whose name I can’t remember, had above average food, but their service was non-existent and the place seemed to have a film of something wherever I’d touch. I would have given them 3 stars (mostly for food).


If you had frequented the old establishment before and haven’t yet tried Andy’s Sushi; you’re in for a HUGE surprise.


This place-without an ounce of doubt-has the BEST SUSHI I’ve ever tasted in not only in the Bay Area, not only California, but every other Sushi Restaurant I’ve ever eaten. I add a caveat to this statement. I have eaten at Andy’s four times. Every trip I’ve taken, I’ve ordered the absolutely best sushi I’ve ever tasted! I order their Sashimi sampler. It has five generous slices of fish, two slices per fish, or ten in total. The taste and consistency of his fish is beyond compare. For starters, it melts in your mouth. Their is absolutely no hyperbole in that statement! It’s because he buys only the best fish he can. And, when the bill comes, I’d say it is a bit less than if i had ordered the same plate from Sasa’s. However, the Sashimi is much better than Sasa’s. Word of caution: If you are looking for the hip ambiance of a Sasa’s, you won’t find it at Andy’s. Located on the corner of Locust, a few doors away from Residual Sugar on one side and Skippolini’s Pizza on the other, Andy’s is what i believe a Sushi restaurant should be. Make certain your place is clean, comfortable and has excellent service. Beyond that, put all your focus on the food. Andy has done that. I have no doubt Andy’s Sushi will be THE sushi place to go in Walnut Creek very soon; once the word gets out.

SUSHI COUPON – Andy’s Back in Walnut Creek – 15% Off – See our 5 Star Yelp Testimonials

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